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Merel & Tony are songwriting team Merel van Dijk and Anthony Barilla. Since 2013 they have written music for theater, scored episodes of Public Radio’s This American Life, toured the U.S. with their band, and released numerous albums, EPs and singles, including 2022’s The Worst of All Lovers. Van Dijk also performs as one half of Italian performance art duo Le No Choice while Barilla writes and records with punk duo Disko Komitet and Houston’s most famous accordion cover band, Houston’s A.S.S.


“Merel and Tony make some of the most intriguing and interesting music coming out of our city today.” – Free Press Houston

“There’s something about straight artistry that tickles the ears of any music journalist. True art, without genre or placement where the music is eclectic and different. That’s probably the best way to describe the music of Merel & Tony… this duo makes music that sounds like no one else while still having plenty of hooks to catch a hold of your ears and stick with you for days.” – Houston Press

“We rarely review EPs and only when it’s something that really stands out. This is one of those cases. We’re always on a continual search for sincerity and originality in the world of music. With the Houston, Texas-based duo Merel & Tony…you get both. We’ve never ever heard music from Texas that sounds like this.” – babysue



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